What Jerry Seinfeld Gets About The Internet That Most Don’t

With Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, Jerry Seinfeld has done what few of his generation have: He’s adapted what he does (comedy) for the web. He’s also done it cleverly and in a way that makes money. In a talk with David Letterman this week at the Paley Center he gave away some of the secrets. »6/11/14 4:32pm6/11/14 4:32pm

Lil B Lines Make The Best High School Yearbook Quotes

We all know the feeling: It's the end of your high school career, the four most formative years of your young life, and you want to pick that perfect quote to embody the wisdom you've gleaned on your journey. That so many of our young people are choosing Lil B-inspired quotes bodes well for our country's future. »5/15/14 3:04pm5/15/14 3:04pm

This Edmonton Dealer Does A Grand Caravan Review The Right Way

The recent news Dodge would be discontinuing the pioneering Grand Caravan in favour of its Chrysler-branded brethren hit many Canadians hard: the Dodge is waaay more popular than the Town & Country north of the border, and has been one of the country's top five best-selling vehicles for a long time. »5/11/14 4:30pm5/11/14 4:30pm

Kids Dream Up Better Cars For Moms On Mother's Day Than You Can

If you tried thinking of a good car for your Mom this Mother's Day, you'd probably come up with something nice and practical, yet fun. Mazda 6, maybe or a fun little BMW. But those things require no thought, no real imagination. No, the car for Mom needs a mani/pedi chair, and also maybe marshmallow wheels. »5/11/14 4:26pm5/11/14 4:26pm

Build A Paper Honda S2000 Because Honda Won't Build Us A New One

You there! Do you sit alone all day in a darkened room, softly crying because the Honda S2000 is dead? I have great news for you! No, it's not coming back. The news isn't that good. The news is that even though Honda won't make us an S2000, you can make your own for free. Out of paper! »5/06/14 4:28pm5/06/14 4:28pm

This Girl Fight Is The Best Comedy And Action Movie Of The Year

There's a Vine going around the internet today of a girl hitting another girl in the head with a flying shovel. It's hilarious. It's also taken from an eight-minute YouTube video of a fight between the two girls, which also happens to be one of the best pieces of American cinema you will ever lay eyes on. »5/05/14 3:26pm5/05/14 3:26pm

You Should Read Amy Schumer’s Powerful, Funny Speech About Self-Worth

Yesterday, we read Gabourey Sidibe's incredible speech on confidence and feminism from Thursday night's Gloria Awards and Gala, which was hosted by the Ms. Foundation for Women. A transcript of Amy Schumer's speech from the same event has since been released, detailing confidence and body-image issues, and struggling… »5/05/14 9:56am5/05/14 9:56am

Sterling Yells at George Costanza for Associating with Black People

The convenient thing about Seinfeld never showing us George Steinbrenner's face, from the point of view of video editors in 2014, is that he could really be any rich, old, white man who owns a sports team. Like, say, L.A. Clippers owner (for now) Donald Sterling. »5/01/14 3:42pm5/01/14 3:42pm