I've always felt that the "Prius tires" bit was a tad misleading. Yes, the Primacy HP were fitted to a Prius - the Japanese market "sport" package Prius. They were also fitted from the factory on some Mercedes (S-Class?) and Volvo (V70?) and probably others. (Why a "sport" Prius actually exists is a question I can't… » 2/09/15 9:25pm 2/09/15 9:25pm

I wasn't able to do the factory tour, but I did spend a good amount of time at the Museum and a few days later at Donington Park. Both are incredible in terms of the history they have, and are an absolute MUST for any auto fan in Europe. Unfortunately the Porsche and Mercedes museums were closed when I was passing… » 1/26/15 5:58pm 1/26/15 5:58pm

Huh, I've lived pretty close to that area (okay, RIGHT there) and I'd say it's pretty even. Maybe it's just the people I knew, but nobody was ever really a jerk about it, either way. There was ribbing both ways, sure. But never gloating or mean-spirited trash talk. Interesting. » 1/20/15 5:48pm 1/20/15 5:48pm

Hey Will - Have you ever tried MobCraft beer? They picked up a silver medal at GABF this year and have a decently interesting "social" concept for new beers. Not the first of its kind and not the best beer in the world, but in my opinion a pretty cool setup. » 12/17/14 12:02pm 12/17/14 12:02pm